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Erik Halvorsen

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Erik Halvorsen

Travel & Hobbies

Erik Halvorsen is a loving husband, doting father, and relentless innovator who is always on the lookout for new technology to help cure diseases, benefit patients’ lives and transform how we experience healthcare. His impressive education and many years of experience recently earned him a place as one of the top 30 Chief Innovation Officers in healthcare in the country. He was also named as one of the Top 40 Under 40 in Boston and is a member of the Forbes Technology Council.

Erik Halvorsen attended the University of Virginia where he earned his B.A. in Psychology/Pre-Med. He then received his M.S. in Anatomy from the Virginia Commonwealth University School of Medicine, before completing his Ph.D. in Neuropharmacology in only 4.5 years at the University of Virginia researching new drugs for Parkinson’s Disease. During his studies, Erik found a love for research and innovation and learned how long and arduous the path of translating discoveries to new treatments that can help patients.

After three years working for the Virginia Patent Foundation, Erik Halvorsen moved to Boston to work for Harvard University as their director of business development. Over his career, he has helped find ways for the public to benefit from numerous early-stage technology and pharmaceutical discoveries by working collaboratively with scientists, investors, entrepreneurs, hospitals, and companies. It was in Boston, where Erik met his future wife, Shana, an attorney. When their daughter Dylan was born with a genetic defect and cardiac problems, she had to undergo life-saving open-heart surgery and spinal fusion, and they sought out the best, most cutting-edge treatments available. This experience served as a huge motivator for his desire to continue supporting advancements in the field of pediatrics.

This motivator is what has gotten him through numerous business ventures and upper positions within the healthcare industry. Erik Halvorsen currently works as a Partner with pHpartners, a healthcare investment business working closely with leading companies. The company strives to drive superior transaction outcomes for its clients through offering boutique advisory services from experienced and entrepreneurial-minded professionals. Erik is proud to be a member of this team and lead his employees well. He has always been a results-driven individual, and this position allows him to produce immaculate outcomes.

His current role involves assisting innovative healthcare companies to secure capital and strategic partnerships to deliver better treatments to patients. Through his work here, Erik and his team have driven maximum value for their clients through capital raises, M&A, partnerships, and strategic advisory services. A few of these notable companies include Pfizer, Orion Health, Climatec, and more. The company’s advisory services surround mergers and acquisitions, capital formation, and merchant banking. Working hard to understand each client’s specific needs, Erik has been able to bring about stellar results thus far.

Erik Halvorsen currently lives in Houston, Texas with his wife and two children (Dylan-11 and Hunter-7). In his spare time, he enjoys playing golf and traveling with his family, in addition to quality travel time with solely his wife. Paying homage to where they got married, Erik and his wife enjoy returning to the island of Anguilla. This destination will be one they travel to time and time again, as they love reminiscing about the earlier years of their relationship and the island where they cemented their love for one another. Not only do they enjoy visiting Anguilla, but they also favor the small islands near St. Martin, which are known to host three of the top ten beaches in the world. While Erik enjoys sitting on the beach relaxing or reading a book, he also likes to take part in more active hobbies such as scuba diving.

He and his wife are both self-confessed foodies, and they love dining and experimenting with various cuisines. Most weekends at home are spent cooking in their kitchen, especially Mediterranean cooking. Erik’s specialty dish is octopus, a difficult yet rewarding dish he is proud to serve at his table. While Erik Halvorsen is an admitted foodie it turns out that dessert is not really his favorite. His wife has what scientists would call a “sweet tooth” which genetically has clearly been passed on to his kids who have also become the guacamole experts in the family. As a parent, it is not about dictating what his kids should like or not—but encouraging them to explore and try so they can figure it out for themselves. Erik has passed on his cooking show obsession to his kids. The family likes to call it educational programming since they take what we learn into the kitchen where they often cook together. Erik’s son already dreams of being a Food TV personality when he grows up and participating in the highly acclaimed show, Chopped.

Erik Halvorsen and his wife have undoubtedly instilled a love of adventure into their children. Throughout their lives, they have taught them the importance of trying new things and experiencing new cultures. His dream job would be exploring various countries and experiencing their culture not just through their architecture and art but their cuisine. Erik believes no matter which country you visit, there are always new and interesting foods to try and some that truly are synonymous with the country itself and its people. 

 Erik Halvorsen has also worked hard to ensure he maintains a healthy work-life balance. Though his work can be quite challenging and exhausting at times, he makes up for it in his adventure-filled lifestyle. Erik also enjoys reading work-related content to keep up to date with his industry, healthcare, and life sciences investment, while also reading about travel. He believes that nonfiction reading provides insights we may not have thought about, or even just allow us a relaxing respite from work. Reading allows you to step outside of your own perspective, which can help people think about problems from multiple points of view.

Ultimately, Erik knows that his work can benefit the health and wellbeing of kids and families around the world and that his own family is the key to his health and happiness. Incorporating healthy habits into his daily life helps Erik stay focused and maximize his potential as a worker a father.

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